Members Training

We follow the ASC Speakers manual. The new Speakers guide can be digitally downloaded here. There is also a full copy of the older ASC version, which is still useful on how we can write up our assessments of speeches.

You can download our 10 levels of speaker training, each one completed within the club. Complete the Foundation training and receive a nationally recognised qualification, push yourself even harder and complete the advanced section and become a higher qualified and better speaker. Read, print them off, ask your assessor to fill it in, and keep it for your own record or achievement.


F1 – Starting your journey

F2 – Constructing a speech

F3 – Speaking with conviction

F4 – Using Gestures and Body language

F5 – Using your Voice


A1 – Vocabulary and Word pictures

A2 – Story Telling and Narrative

A3 – Using Humour

A4 – Developing Audience Rapport

A5 – The “Showpiece”